Beyonce Lauches Her PULSE Fragrance Line

Beyoncé recently launched Pulse, her new fragrance line that follows in the hot footsteps of her earlier fragrances, Heat and Heat Rush.  While the launch was exciting, the lead up to the launch—the rollout of her Pulse campaign—is an event worth deconstructing.   Pre-launch and pre-baby bump, release of the Pulse commercial was the ultimate invitation inviting you to purchase the new product.  The commercial is filled with all the Beyoncé factors.  Its opening shot is like one of her concert openings—flashing lights, a sexy, sensual entrance strutting onto the stage in a blue costume and flashes of the shapely fragrance bottle.   Sparks fly and electrical energy pulsates as she moves toward you.   During the opening, just like at her concerts, Beyoncé’s beats mesmerize you and that’s the moment you probably decide you have to purchase her Pulse.  The commercial is pure music video.  But as usual, Beyoncé gives you more.  Another video exists offering you a behind-the-scenes look at her creative thinking in producing the fragrance and the commercial.  She knows how to satisfy her guests’ expectations.  

Beyoncé understands the power of pulling off a spectacular event starts with sending the right invitation.  Once invites are out, simply focus on the design and details of the event.