The right lighting adds a certain feel to any event.  Last night, I went to see Sting in concert  at Constitution Hall, a moderate-sized place for a cozy concert.   As usual, Sting kept things simple—and pure.   This concert oozed with intimacy as though he and his friends were performing in a studio with a few onlookers.   While the music and musicians were the stars, the surprise performer sharing the stage was the lighting.    No fancy red or blue lights.  No disco balls.   A beam of white light awaited Sting’s arrival on stage.

Basic beams of white lights introduced each song then melted into the background as the master musician and his music took center stage. White lights adjusted our mental moods for each melodic movement from country to Caribbean to the pure sound of Sting’s voice. Lights flowed in at the appropriate moments, raised our energy levels when expected and cooled us down when least expected.

Was that a halo?  Hmmm…the event did have an aura about it.