Winter.  This year, a mean polar vortex has left a trail of record-low temperatures across the United States.  It’s lethally cold outside.  Inside, something hot is needed.  Try a beautiful, body warming drink with lineage—hot chocolate.

More than a child’s drink, hot chocolate is a steamy drink with a heavy history dating back more than 3,000 years.  It started when the Olmec of Mexico first cultivated the cacao plant, then created a paste and mixed it with water.  Xocolātl was what the early chocolate drink was called.

From the Olmecs to the Maya civilization to the Aztecs, hot chocolate made its way to Spain where it spread throughout Europe and the world.

According to, “Thomas Jefferson was so impressed with the drink that he wrote to John Adams in 1785 saying, ‘The superiority of chocolate, both for health and nourishment, will soon give it the preference over tea and coffee in America…'”

For your next event, whether a party for plenty or an intimate dinner for two, add a little hotness to the menu.  Hot chocolate tastes good with designer good looks.


Photo: Smores Hot Cocoa from