People put a lot into creating awe-inspiring events. Months, weeks, days and hours are needed to plan the perfect affair that grabs attention and impresses. Much is involved: creating amble ambiance, selecting the site, developing the guest list with the right mix of personalities and interests, booking the entertainment and planning the menu. Why the effort? To imbue guests with memorable experiences that linger with them long after the event ends.

Nature is notorious for creating big events effortlessly, compared to people. Yet the results are the same.  Most nature events are stunning. Like any events, some leave bad impressions. They include the destruction left behind after a hurricane, typhoon, and tornado; or the parched landscape created by draughts. Many leave breathtaking impressions:  a rising sun peaking through glistening, dew-filled trees; a sunset filling the horizon; or a rainbow stretching across the sky.

Nature’s masterpiece event is fresh snow falling quietly on a landscape or cityscape.  For a moment, life comes to a full-stop. We watch. We are entertained. We experience something special. Then the snow stops. The event ends. Impressions abound.  Memories last.  What an awesome experience!