Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...

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Events come in all colors.  Nothing leaves a good visual impression of a special party like color.  When planning a wedding, after the date is chosen and before the dress is selected, the first thing future couples decide is their color theme.   Want to personalize a birthday, do it up in the guest of honor’s favorite color.  How many pink and–boring–blue baby showers have you attended?

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It’s the “O” month–October—and the color is orange, naturally.  It’s not loud, hot and aggressive like red.  It’s not too calm and quiet like peach.  Orange strikes it perfectly–subtle and vibrant, warm and energetic.  We love it.  If you’re planning something, anything this month, think orange but mix it up with either the traditionals:  brown, yellow, red or black; or go edgy partnering it with purple, grey or turquoise.  Orange is joy and happiness that stimulates the appetite.  Nourish your warmer side, pick up some orange flowers, put on “Orange Colored Sky” by Nat King Cole or Lady Gaga and have an orange party.

Orange Citrus Wedding Bouquet

Orange Citrus Wedding Bouquet


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