As I anticipated an evening of elegance with some good food and an open bar, I was a bit confused when I realized the event I was going to was in an office building. Not just any office building, but one I had visited before for a film screening. So all I could do was wonder what I was about to get myself into for the evening.  I immediately thought, OMG, this is going to be a disaster—and I valet parked my car for this.

As I followed the directional signs strategically placed to guide my every step, I strolled down a hallway and to my very pleasant surprise entered a space with a classic touch of purple elegantly placed throughout the venue and on the patio – TIATO in Santa Monica, California.

Tiato hosted the Biz Bash October venue issue release party.  So when you do an event for event planners and producers, you better bring it and they did from the three specialty cocktails created for the evening to the shrimp egg rolls that melted in my mouth and the passed hors d’oeuvres that were never ending and always changing.   There were sliders, and skewers, and tuna tartare.  The hot beverage station included something besides regular coffee.  We were treated to Mexican hot chocolate.   That was new even to me – and it was excellent and unexpected.  There were fireplaces in the round, a sushi station with custom ordered items and an old-fashion dessert cart that was the center piece of the outdoor patio.

The wait at the bar was non-existent, even with the made to order specialty drinks.  The event was well designed and well planned giving us time to enjoy the experience, engage in conversation and make a few new connections.

And parking was complimentary!